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v  Saaf Aangan


                        What’s Saaf Aangan? 

Aangan means the space in front of your residence, shop or workplace (from the boundary if any) to the centre of the road including the footpath (if any). 


To avail the scheme, send a written application describing the location of the area and how you plan to 

maintain it. For instance, keeping flower pots, flower beds, provided they do not obstruct vehicular traffic. 


The trees in the area must be painted in three bands: white, brown, white (in that order). 


                        Case in point 

The N-Dutta Marg ALM in Andheri (west) has used the concept to keep their road free of hawkers. This road adjoining the bustling Four Bungalows Road is lined by painted trees and has flower beds next to the boundary walls of all the 35 residential complexes on it. 

This road had many hawkers before we adopted it under the Saaf Aangan scheme,” said Alexandrina Aiyar of the N-Dutta Marg ALM. “We tried telling them to vacate, but they didn’t budge. We then approached the BMC’s K-west ward office which introduced us to the ALM concept and the Saaf Aangan scheme and the result is for everyone to see.”


Some other points:

·         Implementation of Saaf Aangan does not require any money to be spent

·         Implementation of Saaf Aaangan does not violate any constitutional or legal or judicial law / act / rights of any people - since the footpath is for walking, and roads are for traveling - and hence they must be kept clean and encroachment free.

·         Saaf Aangan can even be implemented in declared hawking zones, where hawker pitches are demarcated on the footpath - as the hawkers can be persuaded to co-operate in implementing Saaf Aangan and providing litter baskets / bins, thus attracting more customers to a clean environment

·         encroachers / hawkers ask those citizens who try to keep the footpath clean and encroachment free, if the footpath belongs to them - the answer is yes, it does belong to those who dwell, work, at that place, and hence it is their responsibility to keep it clean

·         Madhu Savant believes that Saaf Aangan is the only way to keep the city clean, and the footpaths and roads free of encroachments - this in turn prevents the institutionalising of hawkers and pavement dwellers by local politicians / municipal councillors in exchange for votes - and this further prevents the creation and execution of flawed and unsustainable schemes such as the Slum Rehab Scheme which promises a free house to a slum dweller, with no incentive or deterrent for that person to stay off the public street permanently.








                          AAI CARETAKER has also started ' SELF HELP GROUPS '  to empower the Women & Man in the locality, to create self   

                          employment  & awareness of right & Status.


   Self-Help Groups started with 12 member’s for Promotion and Developmental activities.


v   Computer Education  Center  - Basic Computer Education Program for 2 Months Duration @ of Rs. 350/-

 in Association with YASH COMPUTER EDUCATIION at Ashok Nagar,Chembur,Mumbai-74



On the eve of Dasera on 17th Sept 2010 our NGO started First Computer Education Center at Ashok Nagar, Vasinaka, Chembur, Mumbai – 400 074 in association with Yash Computer Education for CCIT Course -[ Certificate Course In Computer Information Technology] for two months duration @ of Rs 350/- only & Hardwaring & Networking Course for 1.5 months @ of Rs.2500/- only for the mass. Our main aim is to provide technical knowledge for the mass.


Our computer education center project was success with the help of the following promoter


Mr. Kisan sir

Mrs. D Souza madam

Mr. Shrikant Mishra

Mr. Sanjeev – Proprietor of M/s. S R Steel & Pipes

Mr. PawanKumar Agarwal

Mr. Mangesh Bhaurao Bodade

Mr. Natarajan Balasubramanian

Mr. Uttam Agarwal


Trustees and member



Our vision is to established new branches at different part of the city.

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